The simulation platform for design engineers.

Build, run, and share fluid, thermal, and structural simulations with Steady to do what matters most: building the products of the future

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Build, run, and share engineering simulations in minutes from your browser.

Not sure where the hot spots are? Estimating pressure drop through hand calcs? Waiting on simulation team for results? Steady is built for design engineers that need answers in hours, not weeks, with quick-turn simulations for their product development process. Our product is built to be...

Easily accessible. Access Steady through your browser and run simulations either on the cloud or your own workstation. No need to mess with licenses, downloading applications, and HPC queues.

Easy to learn and re-learn. Our simulation apps ("SimApps") walk you through the key parameters and conditions with guides, tutorials, and live support necessary to set up and run high-fidelity models.

Incredibly fast. Things like model set-up, geometry clean-up, and post-processing keeps you from doing the real work. We've automated these tasks so you can get simulations running in hours, not weeks.

Design-centric. Testing multiple designs and materials at once and finding design failures can be done at the click of a button after your simulation is complete.

Founded by a team that gets it.

Built by engineers, designers, and researchers from leading organizations. As simulation analysts and design engineers ourselves, we've felt the pain of trying to get traditional CAE solutions to work for rapid design iterations and product development. Instead of compromising, we're building a product that makes simulations easily accessible and learnable for everyone.

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